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Group tour from 9 am to 10:00 am

This ticket allows a group tour to permanent Collection or temporary exhibition before the general opening.

Addressed to groups of more than 12 people who want to enjoy an exclusive and different experience. The group must be accompanied by their own guide, since the Museum does not have a guide service.

The ticket price for each person forming the group is 50 €.

Members of groups may not benefit, individually, from free or reduced price tickets, regardless of whether they meet the requirements.

Advance ticket sales until 48 hours before the tour.

The purchase must be for a minimum of 12 tickets, being possible to increase the final number of components by paying the difference until 7 days before the visit.

This kind of ticket does not admit booking or refund.

Visit the Collection

The tour to Collection includes the most distinguished works and artists of the Museum, shown throughout the Reunited exhibition. In order to plan your visit, please check on our website for the exhibited works.

In application of the New normality transition Plan, several extraordinary measures will be applied during this period:

  • The length of the group visit will be limited to 1 hour. Once the guided visit has ended, and after the opening to the Museum to the general public has started, those members of the group that want to remain as individual visitors may do so.
  • A 1.5 meter interpersonal space will be held during the visit.
  • The maximum number of members of a group will be stablished by the corresponding regulation on the day of the visit. If the members exceed the stipulated number, the group will have to divide in order to fit the required maximum. Each division will have to be accompanied by its own guide.
  • In case you do not find availability for your desired date, please contact
  • Non-valve face mask will be required during the access and visit to the Museum.
  • Body temperature will be taken at the entrance to all visitors. Those over 37,5º C will be denied access to the Museum and cannot continue with the visit.
  • Lockers are limited to backpacks, handbags, umbrellas and all objects that can not be introduced in the rooms due to size or safety reasons.
  • The group access will be through the Jeronimos entrance.

For further information please contact the Visitor service center ( or 902107077)

As it is a visit to a closed museum, it is possible that the group coexists with the internal life of the institution, which includes possible tasks of maintenance of the building, transfer of works, filming and protocol visits, which would be impossible to carry out during the opening hours.