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Educational Group

The program The Prado Museum. The art of Educating, in collaboration with the Fundación "la Caixa", offers schools different types of visits to the Museum's collections, tailored to the needs of students and their teachers from Preschool to 11th&12th grade, as well as support materials to prepare the visit. Both educational visits and support materials are only offered in Spanish language.

You can access all the material supporting the program visits the art of education through the following link:

The activity The art of educating is not available during summer. Free visits can be booked all year round. The type of visit selected must correspond to the educational level of the group. The deadline for booking art of educating visits is on the 25th of the previous month to the date of the visit.

Art of educating available places will be on sale from the 4th of September.

Types of visit

  • Workshop (Preschool, 3-6 years old): 60 €/group
  • Workshop (Primary, 6-8 years old): 60 €/group
  • Interactive tour (from 3rd grade/Y4 to 10th grade/Y11): 60 €/group
  • Guided tour (11th&12th grade/Y12&13): 60 €/group
  • Free Visit

Free Visit
The maximum number of members per group is 30 for visits to the Collection and 15 for visits to the temporary exhibitions.

Educational groups can visit the Prado Museum independently, guided by their teachers. For this purpose, it is necessary to book the visit at least 24 hours in advance.