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Educational Group

In application of the New normality transition Plan, several extraordinary measures will be applied during this period:

  • During the visit a one-and-a-half meter social distance will be kept.
  • The maximum number of people per group will be 10 persons, including teachers.
  • Non-valve face mask will be required during the access and visit to the Museum.
  • Body temperature will be taken at the entrance to all visitors. Those over 37,5º C will be denied access to the Museum and cannot continue with the visit.
  • Lockers are limited to backpacks, handbags, umbrellas and all objects that can not be introduced in the rooms due to size or safety reasons.

The Prado Museum offers educational groups different modalities of visit:

• Free visit: Self-led tour aimed to school groups from centers that provide formal education of all levels, from preschool to university. These groups of students must be led by their own teachers. The booking is compulsory and free and must be made at least 24h prior to the visit. It is limited to the permanent collection and not offered for temporary exhibitions.

• School Program: The School Program, created by the Museo del Prado, offers schools different educational tours tailored to the specific needs of each age group, from preschool to upper secondary school. Tours are given in Spanish.

In case you are interested in making a School program visit, please contact the Visitor Attention Center: / 902 10 70 77



Free Visit - Self-led tour

Self-led group tours allows groups from centers that provide formal education to visit the museum freely, guided by their own teachers. The only requirement is to confirm the booking at least 24h prior to the visit. A form will be e-mailed to you and you will have to bring it, as well as the booking confirmation, with the name of the teachers that will lead the group, signed and stamped by your school.

Take into consideration that this visit does not include a guide. The museum reserves de right to allow or decline the visit to temporary exhibitions or to stablish special visit conditions regarding time, length of the visit, number of members, etc. in order to guarantee the quality of the visit.

Availability is limited, so we please ask you to book only in those cases you have a certainty you can make the visit and, in case it is necessary, contact us at with the possible cancelations, so other groups can enjoy their visit.

Please, press continue to confirm the booking as a Self-led group tour visit: