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Group with general tickets

According to the terms of the Plan for the transition towards a new normality, the following extraordinary measures will rule during this process.

  • During the visit a one-and-a-half meter social distance will be kept.
  • The maximum number of people per group will be 10 persons, including guide or interpreter.
  • Non-valve face mask will be required during the access and visit to the Museum.
  • Body temperature will be measured to all visitors at the Museum entrance. Those that have or exceed 37,5ºC will not be allowed inside.
  • Lockers are limited to backpacks, handbags, umbrellas and all objects that can not be introduced in the rooms due to size or safety reasons.

Advanced reservations and purchases for all types of tickets for visits in groups are required.

The ticket price to every member of the group with standard ticket is 15 €.

Visitors who integrate the group will not be able to benefit, individually of free rate nor reduction, even if they fulfill someone of the established requirements as individual visitor.

The ticket is valid for the whole day. Once the guided visit has ended, those members of the group that want to remain as individual visitors may do so.

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